Meeting Facilitation
Strategic planning, conflict resolution, team planning, organizational implementation and conference facilitation.

When you plan an important offsite meeting using an outside facilitator brings an independent and open-minded perspective to your meeting. We have the skills and experience to facilitate meetings and keep the discussion focused, keep the process on track while encouraging participants to contribute to the process.

Some organizations choose to "go it alone" and attempt to conduct the meeting entirely "in house." After many years of client feedback we are confident that better outcomes can be achieved when an outside professional facilitator is brought in to enable all participants to be part of the meeting process.

The key benefits are:

#1: Unbiased objectivity. An outside facilitator is not biased and can be objective and assist you to achieve the desired outcome of your meeting.

#2: Increased probability of a successful outcome. The professional facilitator has the experience to work in partnership with a meeting sponsor to achieve a successful outcome.

#3: Outside-the-box thinking. The outside facilitator will bring an outside perspective and will ask valuable and objective questions.

#4: Ensure a level playing field and gain greater buy-in and implementation from team members. If the owner, CEO, or another senior manager runs the meeting, the team members attending the meeting may believe there are agendas and decisions have been made.

#5: Everyone can participate and issues can be raised objectively in a non-threatening environment for open discussion