Psychometric Assessment

If only there was a way of obtaining more accurate information on people's abilities and personality. Well, there is - and not only is it useful for selection, but it has a range of applications within the workplace.

Psychometric assessment refers to tests which measure an aspect of human behaviour or development. Assessment provides practical information which can be used to compare people against a standard, or against a group of similarly qualified people in similar positions. Assessment is used most frequently in recruitment but is also useful for performance management, staff (leadership) development, outplacement/career management, and team development.

Common types of tests are:

  • Personality Profiles normally tap into a number of dimensions e.g. dominance, sociability etc, that are linked to the required competencies of the job.
  • Aptitude and Ability Tests assess a candidate's ability in a specified domain e.g. numerical reasoning, verbal analysis. The types of exercises vary but are usually related to a specific requirement of the role to help predict how well candidates will perform in certain aspects of the job.
  • Assessment Centre exercises requires candidates to carry out some function of the role e.g. design a business plan, present a document, etc.

Sterling HR is committed to using the most accurate and effective assessment tools. For this reason we have chosen OPRA and Saville and Holdsworth Ltd (SHL) as our providers of assessment tools.

So what does this mean for you?
Simple; psychometric assessment will help you:

  • Take the guesswork out of selection and make your business more successful through better selection.
  • Assess the potential of inexperienced individuals.
  • Assess an individual's fit within a team.
  • Identify staff development needs.
  • Reduce costs relating to job performance, training, turnover, accidents, personal grievances etc.
  • Identify training requirements.
  • Identify existing and required skills/competencies; an especially useful exercise during restructuring and change.

Sterling HR not only has staff who are experienced and capable in psychometric assessment but their training and qualifications are in psychology. This gives you added assurance that you are getting the services of people who 'know people'.