CoachMe is behavior based coaching focused on unlocking potential and filling gaps between where people are and where they would like to be.

CoachMe Leaders
CoachMe Leaders coaching is designed to support key employees with leadership responsibilities to implement key initiatives and perform their best.

CoachMe Leaders is individualised and focuses on the identified skills and qualities for role success. It is comprised of a series of structured, one-on-one interactions between a coach and leader aimed at enhancing performance.

CoachMe Leaders is ideal for:

  • Supporting development planning following performance appraisals
  • Implementing sustainable application of training and development
  • New Managers or Team Leaders• Managers who are leading special projects or initiatives
  • Project Managers who may not have line management responsibility
  • Managers who want to increase team engagement
  • Key talent aspiring to a different role
  • Succession planning processes

CoachMe Leaders is focused on behavior

  • Goals are clear and measurable
  • Feedback is accurate and immediate
  • Outcomes are aligned to business drivers



Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a step-by-step coaching process to help executives, managers and employees improve overall team performance and productivity. It's a type of coaching that can be performed by an outside executive coach working in individual or group settings, or that can be taught and used by senior executives, team leaders and managers when working with their team.

Performance coaching is valuable because it provides much faster feedback than traditional performance review processes and therefore produces faster results.

Peer to Peer Coaching

Professionals who are working from a formal or informal plan that includes coaching from another peer (s) to achieve goals are involved in a peer-to-peer process. This need to transfer skills acquired in training or skills developed over time in a role is increasing as staff progress through the company.

Succession planning also requires the passing on of skills and knowledge to others as key roles change.

Reinforce Training/Learning Outcomes

Training programs that are designed to support business needs are important to increase skills and knowledge that can impact on individual performance and business results.
Measuring success is important and training success is increased by behaviour change and implementation of new skills at work.

CoachMe STRETCH supports key learning and enables increased return on investment.