Career Management
Providing a Career Path for Employee Development

Our career management services are results-oriented. We provide a solid professional base of effective job development strategies, or job search strategies depending on the specific needs of individuals and organisations. Our services are personalised, the objective is to help people identify and achieve their career goals, whether it is a new position, career change, entrepreneurship, partial or full retirement.

We offer individual consultations or group workshops to both job seekers and managers of people. To generate suitable career options and make optimal career decisions, individuals need accurate information on their strengths, weaknesses, interests, motivation and potential. A neutral, objective person is useful in facilitating this understanding. The emphasis alters depending on the needs of the individual(s) but can be broadly follows:

  • Self-assessments: personality, behaviour, work style, interest identification, learning style, leadership style
  • Skill and knowledge audits
  • Self-empowerment, motivation and values
  • Personal vision, mission and goal setting
  • Current competency profiles /div>
  • Resume / Curriculum Vitae/Application letters
  • Interview practice
  • Negotiation of employment terms and conditions